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Curtis Prescott

The Lure of the United States of America

I’ve always dreamt of traveling the world, but up until recently, these dreams have always involved tropical beaches lined with palm trees. This past week though I’ve had an insatiable desire to travel around the United States.

From visiting famous landmarks like the Hoover Dam and the Grand Canyon to experiencing a walking down the Las Vegas strip, it all seems pretty awesome to me. I skimmed across a blog post about a family traveling around in a hired campervan, and I think that sounds like a great idea. Traveling around in relative comfort with no stresses & no real-time restraints. Just me, my family and our sense of exploration and adventure left to run wild.

I think the place names in America are what really kick my imagination into overdrive though; Oliver Springs, Mule Hollow, Marble Hill, Cedar Bluff, Sweetwater and Jenkins Meadow to name but a few. For me these stir up images of quaint villages made up from log cabins nestled within vast forests, with awe-inspiring views across snow-capped mountain ranges. I’m sure this isn’t too far from the truth either, as the picture above demonstrates!

I live in Wales, and I’m surrounded by towns with names like Mold and Shotton. Where are the hollows, creeks, and springs to liven things up a bit?

This deserves more of my time, and I’ll be researching such a trip in more detail for sure. Here’s to hoping the American dream is still alive, Cheers!